Friday, 18 March 2016

Unaware or just don't care?

On my drive home this evening, the bypass was busy. At 6 o clock in the evening this is not a rare occurrence, but it was odd that everyone was merging into one lane. As I neared, a young girl in a 206 has broken down across one lane, and her car had spilt oil across the road. I stopped to offer her a hand and pushed her car to the verge, where she was safer. Luckily a gentleman stopped a few moments after me and helped, but it got me thinking, why was I the first to have stopped when she had clearly been there a while. Are we, as a nation, becoming more selfish? Are people in such a rush that they would drive past a young girl, on her own, who clearly needed help, or are people so wrapped up in their own lives that they just weren't aware of what was happening. Unfortunately, I believe it is the initial point that was made, and people just don't care about others. Even my husband told me that 'it isn't [my] problem, someone else will stop, [I] wasn't the one in danger' but what happens when everyone thinks along the same lines, and would he still feel the same if I had been the one to break down? The problem is, we live in a culture where everyone thinks 'someone else will stop' but when everyone thinks this, no one helps. It seems a shame that this is how people to seem to behave but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be something that is going to change any time soon.

What would you have done, would you have driven past? Or would you have been the one to help?

Thursday, 17 March 2016

It's happened.

During my pregnancy, and even at the beginning when I had just given birth, when I had a screaming newborn child, I promised myself I would remain fabulous. As soon as everything was settled, a routine was established, my life was back to normal, I planned to lose all my baby weight, apply make up and style my hair every day and I would continue to wear the clothes that I wore before.

It didn't happen.

My body is still desperately clinging on to extra two stone I put on during my pregnancy, I haven't brushed my hair in about six weeks and I have just found myself looking at crocs online, thinking how practical and comfortable they appear. I have completely and utterly turned into a mum.

Now don't get me wrong, I know some women manage to stay perfectly presentable after they become parents. Lord, this morning I saw a woman running with a newborn baby in a pram. Running! I, however, am not one of these women. I have embraced motherhood; I am constantly covered in food, dribble, sick and all the other stains that come with having a child that has not yet got any coordination and absolutely insists on using me as a wipe. Today I left the house with toothpaste down my dress and around my mouth. I have to wear practical clothes so I can breastfeed in public, which means I still have to wear nursing bras (you'll know what I mean if you have fed your child, otherwise ignorance is bliss) which leaves my breasts hanging down by knees.

And do you know what?

I wouldn't change it for the world.

I envy all these skinny women who look beautiful, can wear whatever they want and dont wear the same outfit for three weeks in a row but, I absolutely adore my life as it is now. My darling daughter is the most amazing think that has ever happened to me and, whilst I wish she would keep all of the mushed up banana in her mouth, she's unbelievably happy all of the time, and its because of me.

I now know that being fabulous isn't everything, there are things that are much more important and I have found one. I am so unbelievably lucky and everyday I can't believe how she is in my life, a genuine parts of me.

Now, back to the crocs, they do look really comfortable after all...

Saturday, 20 February 2016

A little bit about me

So this is the boring part, but I feel that it needs to be done! I'm Catherine, I'm 23 and I am absolutely hilarious. I am happily married 5% of the time and I want to kill my husband the other 95%. We have a lovely nine month old baby girl - Little R. We are also proud owners of a beautiful basset hound, Bertie (it would be rude not to!) who we rescued 12 months ago. An avid bargain hunter and wannabe crafter,  I spend my very limited free time trawling charity shops and trying to needle felt. I am hoping to update my blog regularly on the (very rare) exciting things that I do with my life and the activities that Little R and Bertie get up to.